Curate South Bend website lists city’s art spaces in 1 location

By NewsCenter 16

Originally Posted: Thu 4:16 PM, Jun 06, 2019  | Updated: Thu 6:09 PM, Jun 06, 2019


SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – South Bend has a vibrant visual arts scene, but there hasn’t been a central resource to access it all, until now.

The Curate South Bend website launches this Saturday, so NewsCenter 16 photojournalist Kyle Bindas got an inside look at what it’s all about.

“Curate South Bend wants to make it easier for everyone to discover all the art the diverse and ever-expanding arts community in South Bend,” South Bend Museum of Art Director of Marketing Cathy Dietz said. “You’ll find a breakdown of museums, galleries, alternative locations like a bar or a coffee shop that has an exhibition in their space. [It] also will list public art installations.”

“A lot of people don’t stumble through these spaces, even though they’re open and we’re here and we have art showing, so to get more people in the door to see the amazing artwork, it’s so important to have extra promotion,” Colfax Campus Gallery Coordinator Elizabeth Leachman said. “It’s super simple to use. Really, all you have to do is scroll and you can just click right on a gallery you’re interested in, and that will take you right to the webpage, so you can learn more or you can directly email the gallery if you have questions.”

“It has a map that you can pull up, a Google map that has all these locations on there,” Dietz said. “So, if you click on it, you can see how long it’ll take you to drive there or walk there.”

“This is the Alchemist’s Daughters. We wanted to create an art space primarily for women,” co-CEO Anna Ryan Drew said. “We are featuring a few female artists and some gifty things and some magical things. I love that they would all be able to find it in this little section on this website that would say, ‘Here, you like this, you want this craftsmen-made furniture, you want this kind of art, let’s go do a trip today. We don’t have to drive to Saugatuck, we don’t have to drive to South Haven, we don’t have to go to the over by the lake, we can come right downtown and see all these people that are making beautiful things and we can feel really good about where we live,’ which is also another big positive

You can access the website at

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