Meet our team

we’re all volunteers and we love art.

ralph lampkin

president - board

Amy Klinger

vice president - board

Co-ower and the “Hen” in the Pigeon & Hen Pottery, Amy Klinger has been a working artist for many years. She earned her BFA from Siena Heights University. Most of all, she loves creating and working with clay!

diana palomo

vice president - board

cathy dietz

treasurer - board

Cathy Dietz has lived and worked in downtown South Bend for over 17 years. Currently the Marketing & Events Director at South Bend Museum of Art, she continues to seek out opportunities that support area artists and arts institutions.

kathy reddy-white

secretary - board

Kathy Reddy-White is the owner of¬†CircaArts Gallery.¬†She is a native of South Bend and has art degrees from Saint Mary’s College and The University of Notre Dame. All of her work demonstrates a commitment to the mediums she works in and a sense of place and history.

Elizabeth Leachman

board member / web designer

Elizabeth Leachman is a dancer, yogi, and web/graphic designer. She is the Director of Marketing & Strategic Initiatives at South Bend Heritage, and is the Director of the Colfax Gallery. Along with a passion for performing and arts promotion, she is an avid cat lover.

greg bandera

board member / graphic designer